Corporate Librarian Job Description & Responsibilities

    Job Description: Corporate Librarian

    Find out what it takes to be a Corporate Librarian. Whether you’re hiring or job hunting, this detailed job description lists all of the qualifications required to fulfill the position.

    The Corporate Librarian’s role is to manage and maintain all company-owned information resources and associated content. This includes ensuring that the storing, archiving and taxonomical layout of information resources are consistent across and throughout the organization. The Corporate Librarian is also responsible for developing and implementing cataloging systems, as well preserving the freshness and accuracy of cataloged items. Understanding of a broad range of software packages and tools is required.

    Other responsibilities:

    • Prepare a long-term plan for categorizing, indexing and archiving all content and information resources, whether they be generated in-house or derived from third-party agents.
    • Develop a comprehensive taxonomy for organizing information resources based on business goals and requirements from stakeholders.
    • Assess, recommend and purchase corporate library development tools as required, and track new standards and methodologies.
    • Compile and maintain a detailed inventory of existing electronic and paper resources, and identify knowledge gaps and make recommendations.

    The attached Zip file includes:

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    • Cover Sheet and Terms.pdf
    • Corporate Librarian.doc
    • Corporate Librarian.pdf

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