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Apple Asks Court to 'Permanently Enjoin' Psystar

PC Magazine reports Apple has asked the court to permanently enjoin Mac clone maker Psystar from infringing its copyrights on the OS X operating system. Writer Chloe Albanesius quotes court filings

Psystar Loses Gamble Against Apple

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California awarded Apple summary judgment on its copyright infringement claims against Mac clone maker Psystar on Friday, ruling that the

Apple Wins Big in Suit Against Psystar

PCMag.com reports that Apple has won a motion for summary judgment in its suit against Psystar. The ruling covered copyright infringement.   Judge William Alsup found in Apple's favor on every

Psystar Wants Judge to Rule It's Legit, Make Apple Shut Up

Psystar is asking a judge to rule that its business is legitimate, and to stop Apple from saying otherwise, reports Computerworld.   The Florida clone maker wants U.S. District Court Judge

Psystar, Still at It, Claims Software Runs Snow Leopard on Generic Computer

And here I thought net neutrality was today's only story that will not die. I shouldn't be so quick to assume things.   Psystar, our favorite Mac clone maker, is back at it. Never mind

Did Apple Become IBM or IBM Become Apple?

If I were to describe a company that built a very profitable vertically integrated solution and was aggressive at preventing clones in order to protect margins, you'd think I was talking about Apple.

Virtualization and the Mac: Still a One-Way Street

Is virtualization a net positive or a net negative for Macs in the enterprise?   On the surface, it would seem that Apple could only benefit from the ability for users to boot up Windows

Psystar Looking to License Mac Clones

According to InformationWeek, Psystar is looking to license its controversial Mac cloning technology to third parties.   Says Psystar: In an effort to spread the Snow Leopard experience to an

Psystar Files Second Suit Against Apple

For the second time, Mac clone maker Psystar has file suit against Apple alleging that the company illegally ties the new Snow Leopard operating system to its hardware, reports Computerworld. "By

Psystar Takes Testimony from Apple Execs

The copyright infringement battle between Apple and Psystar has reached a new stage. According to V3.co.uk, the companies have agreed that Psystar lawyers can take depositions from top Apple

August 17, 2009