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HP Rises to Productivity Challenge

New HP capabilities include advanced analytics that help IT organizations identify usage patterns that would indicate what type of machine one employee might be better off using than another.

Attacks on Mobile Devices, Apps and Bluetooth Increase

Mobile security is a never-ending back and forth between law breakers and those protecting their data, networks and the public. The news this week from that front is not particularly encouraging.

Apple in the Enterprise: For Real This Time?

Apple has certainly made a significant contribution to data mobility, but it is by no means a shoe-in when it comes to capturing enterprise workflows.

Not Like the Old Days, but Better Than a Loss: Smartphone Sector Gains Slightly

Two trends, a two-year replacement cycle and new user demand, will keep the smartphone sector moving.

New York State to Offer Full Broadband Access

The $50 million New York Broadband for All program recently extended its grant deadline for provisioning of services to rural areas.

Network Slicing a Completely New Approach

One of the biggest advances in the evolution toward 5G is network slicing. It has extravagant promise. All that has to happen is for it to be invented.

OECD Sees Mobile, Wired Broadband Subscription Growth

Subscription rates of wired and mobile broadband have increased for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which is comprised of 35 countries.

TeleSign Takes on End User Verification Challenge

TeleSign will make it simpler for developers to employ short message service (SMS) technology to verify identities within mobile applications deployed on either Apple iOS or Google Android devices.

Out of Date Operating Systems Increase Breach Risks

Recent ransomware activity highlighted a very serious security problem, one that we just don’t talk about enough. That’s the use of outdated and unsupported operating systems and software.

iOS 11 versus Android O: The March of the OSes Continues

The versions of the iOS and Android mobile operating systems (OS) keep rolling out. iOS 11 was unveiled this week and Android O is expected to be released toward the end of the summer.

June 8, 2017