Tata Communications Launches SD-WAN Service

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    Software-defined wide area network (SD-WANs) have been gaining in popularity as an alternative to traditional routers because they better enable IT organizations to route traffic generated by branch offices without having to backhaul all the traffic back through a corporate data center. The challenge is that somebody still needs to manage all those SD-WAN implementations inside the branch office.

    Tata Communications is making a case for outsourcing the management of those SD-WANs in a way that enables IT organizations to migrate to SD-WANs at the edge at their own pace. Instead of requiring IT organizations to deploy SD-WANs everywhere, Genius Wong, president of Global Network Services and Cloud and Data Centre Services for Tata Communications, says the IZO SDWAN service makes use of technologies developed by Tata Communications as well as software-defined networking and security software from Versa Networks to create a global network overlay that can be layered on top of both SD-WANs and traditional Cisco routers.

    The IZO SDWAN is then managed by Tata Communications via the cloud to provide IT organizations with visibility into every remote office connected to the WAN, says Wong.

    “We handle all the congestion management,” says Wong.


    In terms of IT management headaches, branch offices have always represented a major pain. Most organizations can’t afford to deploy local IT staff to support a branch office. Because of that issue, Tata Communications is betting that as SD-WANs evolve, it will become a lot simpler for IT organizations to outsource the management of wide-area networks (WANs) to a third-party service provider altogether. The best thing about that from the perspective of an internal IT department, of course, is that very few of them have much of an ability to manage those branch offices in the first place.


    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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