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    At the Mobile World Congress 2015 conference today, Oracle unveiled new Ethernet switches while simultaneously extending its software-defined network (SDN) capabilities.

    SK Vinod, senior director of product management, Netra Systems and networking at Oracle, says that while still relying primarily on InfiniBand as the base networking infrastructure to connect servers and storage to create virtual instances of Ethernet networks, Oracle can now extend its networking reach using lower-cost 10G and 40G Ethernet switches.

    Layered on top of that network is Oracle SDN software, which has now been extended to add support for additional security, load balancing and routing on-demand, all of which can be configured and managed using Oracle Fabric Manager software.

    Netra SystemA single fabric connects up to 1,000 servers and 16,000 private virtual interconnects across traditional SPARC and x86 servers as well as the company’s Netra Modular System converged infrastructure platform.

    Vinod says the Oracle approach to SDNs differs in that it is specifically designed to give application owners more control over the underlying data center infrastructure. As such, Vinod says Oracle has pursued an application-centric approach to virtualization that is in keeping with the company’s vertically integrated approach to building data centers.

    Oracle may not exactly be a powerhouse when it comes to networking. But given the lineage of Sun Microsystems that Oracle acquired back in 2010, it seems to be becoming more aware that perhaps the network is the computer after all.

    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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