Lessons in Next-Generation Network Technologies

    IT organizations are always looking ahead when creating networks for the enterprise. When it comes to IPv6, WLANs and other next-generation network technologies, IT pros may still need guidance on how to implement the technologies, which standards apply, and how to provide security measures.

    One book, “Building Next-Generation Converged Networks: Theory and Practice,” provides fundamental information on the latest networking advancements and gives a glimpse as to how these technologies will be realized in future implementations.

    The book contains five categorized sections:

    • Multimedia streaming
    • Safety and security in networks
    • Network management and traffic engineering
    • Information infrastructure and cloud computing
    • Wireless networking

    Within these sections, the authors cover topics such as P2P video streaming, SQL injection, VoIP and mobile IPv6. The book represents the compilation of detailed research from 56 experts within these industries.

    To get a closer look at the level of information included in this book, our IT Downloads includes an excerpt from Chapter 7, “Wireless Network Security: An Overview.” This chapter covers security of wireless networks, cellular telephone networks, WLANs, 802.11, wireless PANs, IEEE 802.15, and best practices for mobile device security. On mobile security, the book offers this advice:

    The best practice for mobile device security is to enable device authentication so that lost devices cannot be easily accessed by any person that finds or steals the device… The fact of the matter is that these devices are too easy to lose, and they can be used to enter the network if authentication is not enabled.

    IT security professionals and anyone interested or working in wireless networking will benefit from reading this informative text. The excerpt on wireless security can help establish more secure wireless networks for any enterprise.

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