Top 25 Crowd2Shelf Contestants

    Staples and crowdsourcing platform Fundable recently teamed up to launch the first Crowd2Shelf Contest. The contest provides startups the opportunity to compete for a chance to sell their products in Staples’ stores. While the ultimate goal is to land a coveted spot in Staples’ inventory, all contestants selected for the crowdfunding phase have the opportunity to be winners, as they will be able to keep pre-orders and pledges from funded projects.

    As you might expect, the contest drew thousands of entrants from across the country, and a panel of experts has now selected the top 25 finalists that will continue to the next stage. These contestants will be judged on their number of votes, success of their crowdfunding campaign, and judges’ recommendations. So the race is on.

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    Crowd2Shelf Finalists

    Click through for the 25 finalists in Staples’ and Fundable’s Crowd2Shelf contest.

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    EVA BR30

    Designed by LEDified, the EVA BR30 is the world’s friendliest BR30 bulb. The company combined the most efficient LED technology with an everyday practical element of a home: the remote control. Homeowners can now change the brightness and color of their lighting with the click of a button.

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    nHand is a new patent-pending product that makes your iPad or smart tablet a truly handheld device. nHand is a convenient, removable handle made from high-grade billet aluminum that securely attaches to the back of any iPad, smart tablet, or even your laptop using the powerful 3M Dual Lock re-closeable fastening system. 

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    StickNFind is an ultra small sticker with built-in, low-energy Bluetooth capabilities and a range of 100 feet.  Each sticker is about the size of a U.S. quarter with a battery life that lasts for over a year. You can stick it on your keys, TV remote, kids, cat, dog, iPod, tablet, phone, wallet, purse, passport, laptop, backpack, etc. StickNFind stickers have a buzzer and light, so that you can even find your valuables in the dark.

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    HearNotes were built from the ground up, using KLEER technology. Engineered to deliver lossless, CD-quality audio with less power consumption, KLEER outperforms current industry standards like Bluetooth in audio quality and clarity, range and battery life.

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    You-Noticed Announcement Board

    The You-Noticed Announcement Board is a unique “cork board” that doesn’t use cork. Instead of fasteners, flyers are dropped in each slot and held in place behind acrylic. In the event a small piece of paper is dropped into a slot, a patented system of springs was integrated and hidden inside the board so a user can lift the acrylic pane upward to retrieve the item without disassembling the board or having to take it off the wall.

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    NVBOTS 3D Printing

    With NVBOTS, 3D printing is coming out of the lab and into offices, factories and schools across the United States and around the world. It’s the beginning of a brave new era of creation, collaboration, invention and innovation, where the next great idea can be dreamed — and then built — by anyone, anywhere.

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    CarePredict’s state-of-the-art Tempo monitoring and alert system uses innovative sensor technology to noninvasively track and record seniors’ day-to-day activities of life and let their children, loved ones and caregivers know when those patterns change. Tempo empowers seniors to stay safe and comfortable in their own homes, and gives their loved ones the peace of mind of knowing help is always just a push notification away.

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    Plum makes lighting and appliance control easy and affordable.  The Wi-Fi-enabled lightpad is the first product of its kind.  Competitively priced and easy to install, it provides the incredible convenience of controlling your lights from your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

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    A stationary radio? A mobile Bluetooth speaker? A speakerphone? A phone charger?  Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. The PLUG RADIO allows you to stream music from your smartphone or any Bluetooth player to this little sound speaker, listen to finest FM radio sound and charge your smartphone on the go. It plugs DIRECTLY into the wall outlet without cables or clutter.

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    Meet Letterforms: the dry erase notebook that can be re-used millions of times without wasting a single sheet of paper. Whether you’re working out a simple math problem or sketching out the details of the next great product innovation, let Letterforms dry erase notebooks be home to your next big breakthrough.

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    Garageio is a garage door management solution that has been designed with you in mind, from the start. Garageio consists of two main components: the Garageio Blackbox, a small piece of hardware you install in your garage; and the Garageio mobile app, for both Android and iPhone. This simple, seamless solution enables you to take unprecedented control of your garage.

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    InSite GPS Tags

    A unique first, the InSite GPS Tag is a small, coin-sized GPS tracker that uses five kinds of technology to ensure it works everywhere it goes — even indoors. It comes equipped with tons of intuitive features, such as Geo-Fencing, where you can draw virtual perimeters around areas such as school zones, neighborhoods, workplaces, etc., and receive notifications anytime your device leaves the zone, in which direction and how fast it’s travelling – all in real time and with centimeter-level accuracy. 

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    Sun LifeLight

    Sun LifeLight has taken 30 years of light therapy science for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and revolutionized it for use by computer-using office professionals. Now individuals and enterprises can bring the productivity-boosting effects of sunlight into the office. The LifeLight is the first and only product that packages the energizing colors of a bright sunlit sky into a portable and stylish desk lamp controlled and monitored by a learning app that customizes the sunlight delivered for each user’s maximum benefit.

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    The SOScharger produces power when you need it and wherever you need it. It also features an integrated, rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, providing you with extra, rechargeable power you carry every day. The charger works with all smartphones, including Apple iPhone, Nokia Lumia and Samsung Galaxy, as well as basic/feature phones. 

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    The patent-pending Hydrobee is a USB battery pack that is charged by multiple free natural energy sources, including water from a faucet, hose or pipe, streams and rivers, bicycles and carts, hand-cranks, belt drive pulleys, solar panels and thermal energy. Anyone with the right natural energy source can charge this battery pack, and then use the battery to charge their cell phone or to power LED lights all night.  It’s better than solar; it’s never without a power source, even if it’s your own muscles.

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    The current HOLDITS model easily organizes almost a 2-foot row of items, from the size of paper clips, business cards, eyeglasses (without scratching), pens, markers, nail clippers, rulers and tools, to items as large as a full-size TV remote control.

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    Smart Outlet

    Smart Outlet is a Wi-Fi outlet that you can control from anywhere via your smartphone. You can program up to 60 automatic switch settings to account for different schedules during the week. It also has a built-in dimmer that allows you to dim bulbs.

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    MoveEye is silicon-embedded eyewear that allows you to interact with your TV using intuitive hand gestures, enabling you to operate your TV like a giant touchscreen — that you don’t even have to touch. Just point at what you want, from your own perspective, and MoveEye serves it up.

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    WigWag is offering a colorable, dimmable LED bulb, a powerful communication hub, and an environmental sensor block. When paired together, WigWag devices can communicate with other brands of IP/WiFi-enabled devices to create a unified smart home of the future.

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    SeeSpace InAiR

    InAiR takes the two most powerful media in the world—Internet and television—and combines them into a single, streamlined viewing interface, revolutionizing the way people engage with media forever.

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    The HiddenRadio2 speakers have been reengineered to deliver best-in-class sound, introduce a new multi-point feature so you can hook up two speakers at once, and debut the new intelligent capacitive touch sensor in the cap that allows you to control your sound with just a tap or a swipe, either in the app, on your phone, or on the cap itself.

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    Bindle is a connected device that converts any surface into a digital whiteboard. It seamlessly captures everything you write using a whiteboard marker synchronized with your voice, so you can replay the session as animation on the cloud.

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    Solar-powered Wi-Fi-enabled bags made out of recycled material.

    Additional information is not currently available.

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    Pocketable, folding, Bluetooth keyboard.

    Additional information is not currently available.

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    One device to rule them all.

    Additional information is not currently available.

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