Samsung Smart Signage TV Benefits SMBs

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    Many small to midsize businesses set up TVs in their shops to provide customers with entertainment while they wait or partake of services. Other SMBs use regular TVs to present business information and ad messages to shoppers.

    Now, SMBs can present both types of visuals to their customers with the newest offering from Samsung, the Smart Signage TV (SSTV), which will come in both 40- and 48-inch sizes. The SSTV will provide SMBs with a simple way to show ads, employee promotions, upcoming sales or products, etc., all while broadcasting regular TV. The SSTV is being touted as a complete solution for SMBs to set up their own digital signage with custom messages.

    As a content solution, the SSTV provides SMBs with an LED TV tuner with full high-definition capabilities, Wi-Fi connectivity and embedded and content management software (CMS). The TV screen can be divided into various areas, each showing such items as banner ads, promotional content for products and TV shows. Using MagicInfo Mobile, proprietary Samsung signage software, users can manage and update content and displayed promotions to the device.  The CMS will deliver over 200 templates that can be customized with business data.


    According to Digital Signage Today, Tod Pike, senior vice president for Samsung Enterprise Business Division, the company found a niche in the SMB market for signage that is affordable and on a somewhat smaller scale:

    “Samsung understands the unique challenges small business owners face when it comes to selecting and implementing technology, and we built this product to address the market need for a cost-effective, easy-to-manage, professional-grade solution that is better suited for these environments than the consumer solutions that many small business owners are using. With Samsung Smart Signage TV, we’re giving small business owners the power to enhance their customer communications, enabling them to create more personalized content to make every day special and drive conversations that extend long after a customer leaves the store to keep them coming back.”

    Phil Gaut, director of display at Samsung UK and Ireland agreed. Gaut told PCR Online that the new products fill a specific need within the SMB market:

    “Until now, many SMBs and small shop owners have had to rely on consumer TVs to display key information in their stores, which limits not only customer engagement opportunities with their brand but also operating capabilities to easily display, update and change promotional materials.”

    According to PCR, “content can be delivered to the embedded media player via USB or wirelessly from a Wi-Fi enabled mobile device,” which makes changing sale data or new product information fast and simple. SSTVs are capable of providing content for 16 hours each day and will be backed by a three-year warranty.

    Kim Mays has been editing and writing about IT since 1999. She currently tackles the topics of small to midsize business technology and introducing new tools for IT. Follow Kim on Google+ at or Twitter @blumoonky.

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