Job Description: iOS Mobile Application Developer

    Job Description: iOS Mobile Application Developer

    IT staffing and recruiting firm G.1440’s job description highlights the skills, experience and education required of a leading-edge iOS app developer.

    The attached document is a typical job description for an iOS Mobile Application Developer and was provided by IT Staffing and Tech Recruiting firm G.1440.

    The iOS Mobile Application Developer is responsible for developing new and enhancing existing software using the following technologies: XCode 4, iOS 5, 32- and 64-bit Intel-based Mac OS X 10.7 systems. Additional responsibilities include:

    • Assisting the Technical Support team in diagnosing bugs and other issues in products
    • Assisting the QA team with new product releases and bug fixes for products
    • Assisting the Technical Writers with the development of Help Systems for the products

    The attached Zip file includes:

    • Intro Page.doc
    • iOS Mobile Application Developer.doc

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