How Windows 10 Will Benefit the Mobile Enterprise

    According to IDC, mobile workers will account for 72.3 percent of the U.S. workforce by 2020. And with enterprise mobility in high demand, Microsoft is going all-in to penetrate the market with its Windows 10 mobile operating system to better serve developers and IT departments.

    While Microsoft has certainly lost some of its dominance, users are starting to realize that alternative operative systems are great for consuming content but not necessarily for content creation and management. Windows 10, on the other hand, looks more attractive in the management sense since it’s focused on cross-device interoperability, which caters well toward mobile workers.

    For enterprises that already have experience with Microsoft, it may be a relatively easy choice to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile; for companies that are new to it, Windows 10 would serve as a worthwhile investment. Retriever Communications has identified five benefits of using Windows 10 to boost enterprise mobility.

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    Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility

    Click through for a closer look at how Windows 10 will boost enterprise mobility, as identified by Retriever Communications.

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    Familiar, Dependable Developer Tools

    Windows 10 Mobile development, namely the universal app approach, serves as a useful area for developers. While certain platforms have come and gone, Microsoft has always provided dependable developer tools, primarily with Visual Studio. This will allow developers to have a lower learning curve upon adoption and will appeal to those who don’t want to build completely different projects to support different Windows targets.

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    Easy Way to Develop Mobile Apps

    Writing a mobile application that needs to connect to platforms such as Azure is always going to be easier using the Windows platform. Essentially, Windows 10 allows the enterprise to use its existing user controls with mobile applications, which is important for mobile as companies are starting to route their mobile traffic directly through the Internet rather than forcing users through a VPN connection into their corporate network.

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    Large Cloud-Based Directory

    Windows 10 offers a useful multi-tenant cloud-based directory via its Azure Active Directory service. This provides mobile workers and IT departments’ single sign-on access to a number of SaaS applications such as Dropbox, Office356 and Salesforce, while also reducing the amount of passwords users need to remember.

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    Compatibility with Existing Hardware

    With employees using multiple devices to perform work tasks, Windows 10-based mobility strategy ensures that apps share the same technology and design as desktop PCs. This will be important with the rise of convertible PCs, which can switch between being a laptop and tablet and also prove useful when adapting to serve both mouse-keyboard and touchscreen controls. The tried and true Microsoft Office also still works best on Windows, which remains the preferred application suite among employees.

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    Low Implementation Risk

    Microsoft is working hard to help transition existing apps without requiring much change and effort through their MS’ four-project initiatives (Astoria, Centennial, Islandwood and Westminster). This helps to reconnect to enterprise customers that have drifted away and attract companies that aren’t invested in Microsoft yet. This initiative also helps developers transition their Android, older Windows, iOS and web apps. While using this approach may not be a long-term one for developers, it at least allows them to try out the platform without committing too much effort and investment.

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