Five Best Apps for Business Travelers

    When heading out for a business trip, either domestic or international, there are a variety of different apps travelers can use to ease the traditional pain-points of being on the road. Here are a few that help with organization, cutting costs and staying connected.

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    Best Tablet Apps

    Click through for five mobile apps that can help make business travel easier.

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    Wi-Fi Finder

    Wi-Fi is a necessity these days for professional road-warriors. Wi-Fi Finder is a free app that will search for free hotspots near you and worldwide, so no matter where your next client meeting takes place, you’ll be able to find a connection quickly. Especially if your trip allows you some downtime to catch up on email and other urgent items requiring Internet access, this app can keep you working as if you were back in your home office. It works both on or offline (though you must have access to data signals) to find you your connection, filtering results by location and provider type. This app is available on iOS and Android

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    If you’re traveling and need to stay in touch with colleagues without incurring roaming charges, consider turning to Wi-Fi-enabled communication app Voxox. This comprehensive communications service allows you to call and text for free or at a fraction of the cost of traditional cell carrier rates, no matter where you are. Whether communicating with clients or employees, or calling into a new business meeting, you can use Voxox even if no one else on the line has downloaded the app. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection. Plus, you get a free Voxox number at which you can be reached anywhere in the world as well as other free bonus features, like on-the-fly, two-way text messaging language translation, voicemail transcription, call forwarding, two-way electronic faxing, photo and video sharing, as well as map and location sharing. The free Voxox app is available on Android and iOS.

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    While your company may not be willing to shell out the funds for car services to and from your hotel, conference, etc., you can still travel in style with mobile limo service app, Uber. Uber allows you to signal your need for a ride, prompting an out-of-service town car to pick you up. Using the map on your phone’s GPS, the app will tell the driver exactly where you are and send the nearest available car. When you download the app, you can insert your company or personal card, which will automatically charge you for the cost of the ride as well as the tip. While this app is still growing and is only available in certain cities throughout the U.S. and internationally, it makes the hassle of company travel easy and seamless, with a record of all transportation costs recorded in the app. The app is free and available on both iOS and Android

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    One of the biggest struggles associated with company travel is the need to stay organized. Evernote, the note-taking app that does so much more, has been around for a while, but is constantly updating with new features to keep you on track while on the road. The app can sync up with your calendars to send you reminders of meetings and events, as well as save files you may need to reference offhand. You can keep your to-do list up to date, as well as copy and store images or clips from the Web. This app is available on most common operating systems including Android and iOS.

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    Keeping track of every receipt while on business is not only arduous, but also harder than you think. If your company requires you to expense items you purchase, you are surely required to submit receipts for those expenses. Expensify is a great solution to remedy this travel pain-point as it manages all of your expenses for you while on the road. By syncing your credit and/or debit cards to the app, or taking a photo of cash receipts, Expensify can track each expense and even compile it into an expense report for you. The app auto-fills all necessary information into the report, allowing you to focus on your travel instead of tracking receipts. This app is free and is available on Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows.

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