Building Applications in the Cloud Excerpt

    ‘Building Applications in the Cloud’ Excerpt

    Cloud expert Christopher Moyer explores proven cloud platform patterns provided by IBM, Microsoft, Google and others. Read our excerpt for information on how you can transform software into a service.

    In “Building Applications in the Cloud: Concepts, Patterns, and Projects,” expert cloud developer Chris Moyer introduces proven patterns for cloud platforms from Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Google and other providers. Moyer demonstrates these patterns at work through extensive example code and case study applications for Python and Amazon Web Services (AWS). As you increasingly move to the cloud, you’ll constantly encounter the challenges this book solves. You’ll rely on it for years — whenever you need a cloud solution you can trust.

    This excerpt is from the second chapter, “Making Software a Service,” of “Building Applications in the Cloud: Concepts, Patterns, and Projects” by Christopher Moyer. The book was published by Pearson/Addison-Wesley Professional, April 2011, Copyright 2011. For further info, please visit the publisher site:

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