15 Essential BlackBerry Apps

    The BlackBerry App World now offers thousands of apps to help you get the most out of your BlackBerry smartphone. This slideshow highlights 15 of the most popular apps to help you through the day.

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    Click through for 15 essential apps from the BlackBerry App World.

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    PrivacyStar provides unlimited caller ID, unlimited call blocking and complaint filing.  The app displays a caller’s real name just like Caller ID, and can filter your inbound communications based on the preferences you set. The Do Not Disturb feature can automatically send an SMS to the caller with your own personal message, such as “I’m in a meeting and will call you back.”

    Cost: Free

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    Lookout Mobile Security helps you protect your phone and includes AntiVirus, Backup and Find My Phone. The app allows you to block viruses, malware and spyware by scanning every app you download. Backup allows you to back up your contacts and photos, as well as restore data to a new or existing phone.  Find My Phone can help you pinpoint your phone on a map, activate a loud alarm to find your phone, and if necessary remotely wipe your data if your phone is lost or stolen.

    Cost: Free

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    BlackBerry® Messenger allows you to share your pin or unique barcode and connect with friends anywhere, anytime. Chat and share funny stories, pictures, videos and more with individual contacts or groups of friends instantly.

    Cost: Free

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    WhatsApp is a cross-platform smartphone messenger app that utilizes your existing Internet data plan to help you stay in touch with friends, colleagues and family.  Features include multimedia sharing, group chat, and cross-platform connectivity with non-BlackBerry users.

    Cost: Free

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    Stay on top of your social life with Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones. This free application makes Facebook services — like sending messages, poking friends, writing wall posts, inviting friends to join and uploading photos — available on the go. Take Facebook wherever life takes you and don’t miss a beat.

    Cost: Free

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    With Twitter® for BlackBerry® smartphones, you can get your Direct Messages as soon as they arrive, and view them in your message list.  It also works with your BlackBerry® Browser and BlackBerry® smartphone camera, so it only takes a moment to post a link or upload a picture directly to Twitter. Plus, you can follow friends, search for a topic of interest, edit re-tweets, and find users quickly by typing @usernames.

    Cost: Free

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    Who Is It lets you decide whether to take the call, e-mail, or SMS now or later. Using your BlackBerry’s® front LED, you can assign up to 10 colors to different callers. You know who’s on the line at a glance so you can decide if this is a contact that needs attention now, or a call, e-mail or SMS that can wait a while.

    Cost: Free

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    Working silently in the background, BeJoose delivers improved BlackBerry® performance by constantly monitoring and optimizing your BB runtime memory.

    Cost: $1.99

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    BeamExplorer is a free File Manager for the BlackBerry® that provides convenient and intuitive access to content stored on the device.  Now you can conveniently manage content on your BlackBerry in the same way that you do on a regular computer.

    Cost: Free

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    With AddTo you can create appointments, tasks or memos out of your e-mails and SMS in single click. No need to manually select-scroll, copy-paste or switch between applications. AddTo also allows you to quickly exchange data between one PIM app and almost any other PIM app.

    Cost: $0.99

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    Lister is a simple, easy to use application that allows you to create and manage multiple lists at once.  Features include adding dates and reminders, starring items for easier reference and ordering lists alphabetically or by due date.

    Cost: Free

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    TXTLater allows you to schedule e-mail and SMS messages and phone calls to be sent at a future date or time, including recurrence, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. You are able to send scheduled messages to a single user or multiple recipients, and you can also access a detailed report of past messages.

    Cost: Free

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    With Email Templates, you can now create customizable templates for different types of business leads. The next time you get a client query, you don’t need to type the same message again – just choose a template and simply hit ‘Send’.

    Cost: $4.99

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    Mail Filters Rule Manager is an advanced system that allows you to create filters on your incoming mails and take follow up actions on mails that meet those filters. You can create an unlimited number of filters based on a set of one or more criteria.

    Cost: $2.99

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    myTasks allows you to sort your tasks into projects. The projects themselves can have projects within them. Store voice and text notes in your tasks to organize your progress on the tasks.

    Cost: Free

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