The Insiders' Guide to BPM Excerpt

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Business Process Management has the potential to transform almost any business. However, that potential remains largely untapped by many organizations. This book chapter will help you evalaute BPM for your company.

We've all heard those stories of BPM success that influenced the bottom line and increased revenues. We've all heard those compelling cases of 50 percent, 60 percent and even 70+ percent reductions in process cost with hard ROI payback in 12 months or less. We have heard them and they are very compelling.

Yet it seems that for many of us, those kinds of results remain elusive. Why is that? Perhaps it is because no one has taken the time to distill the essence, in simple terms, of just how to achieve such results.

"The Insiders' Guide to BPM," written by Terry Schurter, draws out the 7 steps that can help you master your processes, regardless of what mastering means to you. This book is your insiders' guide to making BPM work for you. BPM can make a big difference for almost any business goal. BPM can make a difference with almost any process. Everyone can be successful with BPM. But we also know that process mastery has, to date, remained an unfulfilled promise for far too many organizations.

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