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Social Media Policy and Procedures Template

This editable template contains highlights to help you customize it to your firm's needs for a simple, common-sense policy governing employees' social media presence.

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Today, social media encompasses a broad sweep of online activity, all of which can be tracked and traced. These networks include not only the blogs you write and those to which you comment, but social networks such as Facebook and MySpace; professional networks such as LinkedIn and Legal OnRamp; the live-blogging tool, Twitter; and social bookmarking such as Digg and Delicious. Every day, it seems, new online tools and new advances introduce new opportunities to build your virtual footprint.

Jaffe PR believes that social media can drive business and support your professional development efforts. The public relations firm is also aware that social media use will not be used exclusively for business.

This template provides reasonable guidelines for online behavior by its members when participating online on behalf of the firm. The editable template contains highlighted spaces in which to include company details.

The attached Zip file includes:

  • Intro Page.doc
  • Cover Sheet and Terms.doc
  • Social Media Policy and Procedures Template.doc