Social Media Business Plan Template

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Social Media moves more quickly than the typical corporate strategy. This template will help your organization embrace social media as a branding tool while developing a comprehensive plan to protect and promote your image.

This template will help build a living social media business plan for your organization. It is designed to help quick-start social media projects at the same time that a corporate strategy begins to be defined. In addition to identifying roles and responsibilities, this template provides a framework in which to outline:

  • Strategic and opportunity assessments
  • Risk identification
  • Project recommendations
  • Technology investments

This tool is intended for both an IT and business audience. The resulting social media business plan is intended for both initial project scoping and for future reuse as more customer projects and strategies are defined.

The attached Zip file includes:

  • Intro Page.doc
  • Cover Sheet and Terms.pdf
  • Social Media Business Plan Template.doc
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