'Shortcut to Prosperity' Excerpt

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Author Mark Hopkins offers shortcuts for moving up the corporate ladder, including tips for developing a prosperous mentor/mentee relationship.

Just being good at what you do doesn't cut it anymore. Today's information-fueled economy rewards a new breed of worker: those who can think differently move faster and attain a level of knowledge that tilts the field of play in their favor. In “Shortcut to Prosperity,” Mark Hopkins explains how to develop those habits — not only for career success, but also for a more fulfilling and exciting life. He'll show you how to

  • Do the soul searching required to find your passion.
  • Harness hardship or personal vision to engage a lifelong Prosperity Cycle that builds on one success after another.
  • Put in the hours with the right organizations to develop a differentiating level of competence.
  • Exploit your natural curiosity and expand your field of vision to spot opportunities others miss, the most important entrepreneurial habit.
  • Develop partners, guides, and mentors to help you along the way.

This excerpt is from Chapter (or Shortcut) 10, “Find a Mentor, or Three,” and explains why finding a mentor is key to working smarter. The chapter also goes into what makes a good mentor, and how you can earn the right to be mentored by someone.

“Shortcut to Prosperity” was published by Greenleaf Book Group. ISBN-10: 1-608324-303; ISBN-13: 978-1-608324-309.

Included in this ZIP file are:

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  • Terms and Conditions.pdf
  • Shortcut to Prosperity.pdf
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