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Powered by Purpose

This excerpt from chapter 2 focuses on identifying your values and how they affect the decisions you make in your personal and professional life every day.

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According to consultant, coach and speaker Scott Deming, you, your company, your foundation or any organization you belong to have the power to truly effect change, but too often you focus on policies and procedures instead of values and purpose. And without values and purpose, your power and your ability to influence go to waste or even become destructive.

In "Powered by Purpose," Deming shows you how to identify  your values, declare your purpose, surround yourself with others of like mind, and then communicate that purpose to the world in a manner laced with emotion, relevance and intrigue — integrating conceptual knowledge with case studies and firsthand experiences.

Deming developed a philosophy from his earliest days as an advertising and marketing executive that was based on three core values his parents taught him: honesty, integrity, and respect for humanity. From that foundation, he realized his purpose — to help businesses – big and small, old and new – create lasting, meaningful brands by focusing on what matters most to them and to those they serve. His love of business — the fact that someone can have an idea and use passion, smarts and hard work to make a go of it — propels his drive to return you and your organization to the right formula for success: Viewing values and purpose as the essentials.

In this excerpt from chapter 2, Deming focuses on identifying your values and how they affect the decisions you make in your personal and professional life every day.

Excerpted with permission from the publisher, Greenleaf Book Group Press, from "Powered by Purpose" by Scott Deming. Copyright © 2014.

The attached zip file includes:

  • Intro Page.pdf
  • Terms and Conditions.pdf
  • Powered By Purpose Chpt 2.pdf


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