Dos and Don'ts for Online Screening of Job Applicants

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This list will help you better understand what information you should look for and the types of data you can’t use in your decision-making process.

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Screening potential job candidates' online accounts saves time, allows HR to conveniently weed out candidates that don't fit, and just seems like the thing to do nowadays with everyone online in some fashion or another. However, don't forget the downsides—legal ramifications can come back to bite you if you uncover information that is considered to be in a protected class.

For any hiring manager considering using online candidate screening, proceed with caution. To help you better understand what information you should look for and the types of data you can't use in your decision-making process, this list provides a few dos and don'ts. It is not an exhaustive list, however, and anyone in HR or involved in the hiring process should discuss potential legal challenges with someone familiar with HR, state and industry laws.

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