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Defining agile development is tough – after all, the whole approach is about not getting hung up on project management dogma and focusing on customer needs. This book chapter covers the key concepts of agile.

AccuRev's Damon Poole provided an excerpt from his "Do It Yourself Agile" e-book, a resource you "can lean on as you transition to agile" development.

You may find yourself asking: What is agile development? Giving a concise definition of agile is far from easy, probably because agile is actually an umbrella for a wide variety of methodologies and because agile is officially defined as the four values in the Agile Manifesto:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

But how would you translate this into a dictionary definition? It may be pointless to define agile development. It may be better to just talk about the concepts and the practices and say "these things are worth learning about regardless of what you call it or how you define the overarching concept." Poole defines agile development by the benefit potential it presents to adoptees.

The excerpt, taken from "The Primary Benefits of Agile Development" chapter, explicitly states the exact benefits that you will get from implementing agile as described in the book.

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Damon Poole is Founder and CTO of AccuRev, provider of AgileCycle, a leading Agile Suite. Damon is a methodology and process improvement expert specializing in helping companies discover and implement their ideal process. His 20 years of experience spans the gamut from small collocated teams up to 10,000-person shops doing global development. Damon is President of the Agile Bazaar in Boston and is a Certified Scrum Master. He writes frequently on the topic of Agile development, is the author of the Web book “Do It Yourself Agile,” and a pioneer in the area of Multistage Continuous Integration.

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