Desktop Virtualization TCO Calculator

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Desktop virtualization is gaining a lot of steam in the enterprise, but the era of the full-featured local PC is not over just yet. Use this tool to compare the two options on a wide range of cost factors.

Based on your current environment, this tool will help provide your organization with a TCO comparison for deployment of a fleet of PCs relative to virtual desktops. The tool takes numerous factors into account, including:

  • Number of desktops/seats
  • Projected growth
  • DV licensing costs
  • Application licensing costs
  • Energy and infrastructure/access device costs
  • Server/storage requirements

Use this TCO calculator to gain a deeper understanding of the total costs involved in a virtual desktop implementation.

Included in this zip file are:

  • Desktop-Virtualization-TCO-Calculator.xls
  • Intro Doc.pdf
  • Terms and Conditions.pdf
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