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Decision Management Systems Excerpt

Four principles lie at the heart of identifying and building effective decision management systems. Number one: Begin with the decision in mind.

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Decision management systems allow organizations to experiment with new approaches, learn from successes and failures, and continuously improve the business. Any organization would be interested in these benefits, but it is not always immediately clear how to build decision management systems.

Four specific principles are at the heart of identifying and building decision management systems:

  1. Begin with the decision in mind.
  2. Be transparent and agile.
  3. Be predictive, not reactive.
  4. Test, learn, and continually improve.

Further, these systems are good at repetitive or repeatable tasks, so only those decisions that are repeatable are good candidates for automation and being managed using a decision management system.“This chapter is from the book, ‘Decision Management Systems: A Practical Guide to Using Business Rules and Predictive Analytics’ by James Taylor, published by Pearson/IBM Press, Oct. 2011, ISBN 0132884380, Copyright 2012 by International Business Machines Corp. For more info, please visit www.ibmpressbooks.com.

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