Creating Solid Business Cases from Start to Finish

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Find out the necessary ingredients for developing a winning business case to receive approval for IT initiatives with thisin-depth set of guidelines.

In "Creating Solid Business Cases from Start to Finish," Cutter Benchmark Review editor Gabriele Piccoli and contributors John Ward, Elizabeth Daniel and Mike Sisco explore the necessary ingredients for developing a winning business case, evaluate how organizations make business cases, and provide guidance for improving the quality of arguments. The goal is to improve the odds of receiving approval for IT initiatives.

Ward and Daniel discuss the role of business cases in "Increasing Your Odds: Creating Better Business Cases," drawing both from recent Cutter Consortium surveys and data from their own independent research.

MDE Enterprises, Inc., founder and IT Business Edge contributor Sisco assumes the role of the executive decision-maker in "Getting the Support You Need for Your Business Case." From the perspective of the CEO, he evaluates Cutter survey results with emphasis on the prerequisites for approval and provides hands-on guidelines that can be put into place immediately.

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