Zadara Storage Extends Reach of Cloud Service

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    2016 Data Storage Trends: DevOps, Flash and Hybrid Cloud

    Moving to expand the number of workloads on which a storage platform that is delivered as a service can be applied, Zadara Storage this week added support for object storage and Fibre Channel.

    In addition, Zadara Storage announced it is making available up to 3.2TB of Flash cache on its storage systems and adding support for 1.6TB solid-state drives (SSDs). Zadara Storage has also added support for VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) software along with performance enhancements to Zadara Container Services (ZCS) for applications based on Docker containers.

    In general, Zadara Storage COO Noam Shendar says IT organizations want both to be able to store data in a cloud and manage data running on premise via a single console. Making use of a storage-as-a-service platform makes that possible across file, block and object storage now using any storage protocol, says Shendar.

    While interest in Flash is running high, Shendar says, the most extensive use of Flash remains as a cache for traditional magnetic storage. The price of Flash storage may now be roughly equal to a high-end magnetic drive. But, Shendar says, most organizations are using slower magnetic drives that cost substantially less than Flash storage. Flash cache provides the most economical approach to accelerating the performance of those drives.

    Overall, Shendar says, usage of the Zadara service has increased at least 10 percent every month for the last three years running, with two-thirds of the storage now being managed residing in the cloud. Going forward, he says, Zadara Storage is betting that the elasticity of a storage service that spans both the cloud and on premise will disrupt legacy storage systems that were designed to primarily run only on premise.

    Naturally, the degree to which that assertion becomes reality remains to be seen. But the one thing that is for certain is that massive amounts of data are moving into the cloud. At the same time, however, there’s no shortage of data being stored on premise either. The challenge facing IT organizations today is figuring out how to manage data regardless of where it happens to reside.

    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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