The New Superheroes of the Enterprise

    They appear to be mild-mannered members of the IT team, but underneath their jeans and collared shirts beat the hearts of the unsung enterprise heroes. Today’s IT department is quietly transforming into a strategic business enabler via the cloud. In this slideshow, CTERA has identified five new IT superheroes.

    CTERA Networks bridges the gap between cloud storage and local storage, providing optimized performance and end-to-end security. Its solutions accelerate deployment of cloud services and eliminate the costs associated with file servers, backup servers and tape drives. Service providers and enterprises use CTERA to deliver services such as backup, file sync and share, mobile collaboration, managed NAS and cloud on-ramping, based on the cloud infrastructure of their choice.

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    New IT Superheroes

    Click through for five new IT superheroes enabling business success, as identified by CTERA.

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    Meet the Crusaders of the Cloud

    Brancho Libre, Aegis of EFSS, Optimization Overlord, Storage Steamroller, and Roamin’ Centurion.

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    Brancho Libre

    Brancho Libre helps save money while modernizing branch offices by replacing legacy file servers with centrally managed and efficient cloud storage gateways, leveraging all-in-on solutions that integrate NAS, backup and de-duplication, and enabling data replication to cloud storage.

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    Aegis of EFSS

    Aegis of EFSS helps obliterate unsanctioned file sharing and secures files by enabling file sync across any device, PC or server, eliminating data loss and data sovereignty risks, and governing file sharing with tight IT controls.

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    Roamin’ Centurion

    Roamin’ Centurion backs up endpoint devices to the cloud, giving the enterprise the freedom to roam> This superhero seamlessly protects laptop, desktop and branch office server data and deploys secure backup solutions to cloud storage while users roam.

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    Storage Steamroller

    Storage Steamroller leverages public cloud and object storage for scaling and savings by introducing on-premise, virtual private or hybrid clouds, making use of commodity hardware or public services, and employing tiered storage for maximum storage flexibility.

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    Optimization Overlord

    Optimization Overlord enables greater enterprise mobility by reducing excessive use of flash storage and leveraging sync tools to expose files across mobile devices, physical desktops and virtual desktops.

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