Telecommuting Still an Attractive Option for Business

    Despite a few companies’ recent policies that eliminated telecommuting, working from home is still a popular perk. Many banking companies have been extending their at-home work policies, for example, and other companies that have had the policy in place prior to the telecommuting hullabaloo earlier this year haven’t curtailed the practice.

    Instituting a telecommuting policy in your organization can provide positives for both the business and employees. To weigh the benefits and risks of allowing employees to work from home, read the IT Download, Telecommuting: Benefits, Risks, Tips and More. It provides a compilation of information and tools to help your organization realize the benefits of telecommuting, including:

    • Cost savings
    • Increased worker productivity
    • Attractive recruitment advantages

    You benefit from additional resources, including the Telecommuting Calculator, which assists you with assessing monetary savings from implementing your own work-from-home plan for employees. Having this kind of data on your side will allow you to argue the benefits of telecommuting to even the staunchest of opponents.

    The guide digs deeper as it identifies the specific security risks for telecommuters and helps you create your own telework strategy. Using the detailed Telecommuting IT Checklist will ensure that all issues and needs of telecommuters are met by your IT department, including any security challenges and equipment essentials.

    Beyond the obvious issues with setting up a telecommuting strategy, you will also find information on ways to keep teams communicating, tips on providing recognition for those employees who aren’t always in the office, and opportunities for personal interaction:

    Schedule face-to-face kick-off meetings and regularly scheduled subsequent live meetings. These face-to-face meetings can be incorporated with team-building exercises to give staff additional opportunities to develop a personal connection and build camaraderie.

    You will also read commentaries from our dedicated writers about telecommuting issues and the recent media coverage of telecommuting bans. Our experts cover a variety of angles on the topic and provide concrete data and insight on telecommuting strategies that work, which gives you the information you need to decide whether providing telecommuting fits your business strategy.

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