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    As more organizations take stock of their digital business ambitions, many of them are discovering that the networks they currently rely on are simply not up to the task. In fact, many of them simply don’t have the capital budget needed to modernize their networks in support of digital business applications that are almost by definition global in nature.

    Tata Communications today unveiled an alternative approach in the form of a MOVE platform that enables IT organizations to make use of an existing programmable network that comes complete with a pre-defined suite of application programming interfaces (APIs).

    Anthony Bartolo, president of mobility, IoT and collaboration Solutions for Tata Communications, says the networking service consists of a network that Tata Communications has built that is augmented by 900 service providers that are making additional bandwidth available to Tata Communications across the globe. That means IT organizations can programmatically provision network services to any specific region or data center they choose, says Bartolo.

    “It’s been built from the ground up for global businesses,” says Bartolo.

    As part of the effort, Bartolo says, Tata Communications will also make available a management framework it has gained access to via an investment in Teleena. Initially, the MOVE platform will primarily focus on mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, with support for other application scenarios planned for later this year, says Bartolo.

    There’s no doubt at this juncture that a lot of IT organizations need to make a buy-versus-build decision when it comes embracing programmable networks enabled by the rise of network virtualization and software-defined networks. In a lot of those cases, it’s also already clear that the financial scales are going to tip toward not reinventing a network wheel that already exists.

    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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