Social Networking Policy PowerPoint

    Social Networking Policy PowerPoint

    This set of quick guidelines will help you set appropriate personal use of social media for you employees while at work, in addition to defining the public persona they create to represent the company.

    This Social Networking Policy PowerPoint presentation explains a sample social networking policy of a company and covers various social tools and what is or is not allowed when using them.

    This document is part of a Social Media Policies Toolkit, which provides a straightforward set of documents that you can put to use immediately at your organization. It’s an ideal starting point for designing policies for social media websites and their use within your company. It includes straightforward guidelines on the procedures for maintaining company-branded social media content on the top sites today, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Plus it helps you define the rules for employee’s personal use of social media at your company.

    The attached Zip file includes:

    • Intro Page.doc
    • Cover Sheet and Terms.pdf
    • Social Networking Policy PowerPoint.ppt

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