Shorten Your Time to Hire with the Right Job Description

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    As any IT hiring manager knows, with so many job applicants out there, the recruitment process has become a long and arduous one. However, as our own Susan Hall pointed out recently, job vacancies left unfilled for too long reflect badly on the company and “just don’t pass the smell test.” And soon, you’ll find your pool of qualified job candidates shrinking.

    One way to shorten your time to hire is by writing a well-thought-out job description that will immediately weed out those not qualified and shine a light on those who are.

    The IT Downloads library has tons of job descriptions available for you to pore over, so you’re sure to find one to meet your specific needs. Below are just a few to help get you started:

    Job Description: Data Architect: Data architects provide advanced technical support for a number of areas.

    Job Description: Test Engineer: Test engineers create and implement test cases, including documenting defects and failures, to ensure a quality product.

    Job Description: Software Engineer — Java: Software engineers with proficiency in the Java programming language write functional, elegant code to create systems that are easier to maintain and debug.

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