Seven Ironclad Attributes of an Exceptional Leader

    Seven Ironclad Attributes of an Exceptional Leader

    Develop respect and trust as a leader using recommendations found in this excerpt from “Millennials into Leadership: The Ultimate Guide for Gen Y’s Aspiring to Be Effective, Respected, Young Leaders at Work” by Lisa Orrell.

    We all know much has been written on the subject of leadership and many business
    writers and motivational speakers have codified the attributes they believe are
    essential for leaders. Frequently, however, their descriptions focus upon traits that
    make a leader personable, affable and well-liked. It’s nice to be liked, but:
    Leadership is not (just) a popularity contest. As a young leader, you will be faced
    with making decisions that won’t make everyone happy. And that’s okay. As long as your
    employees respect you, the ones who were not happy with your decision will (normally)
    get over it. We live in a time plagued by cynicism and doubt, especially in regards to
    leaders and their motives, not only in corporate, but also government. This creates a
    special challenge for young leaders today who need to be trusted and respected in order
    to achieve the kind of ‘popularity’ that will enable them to achieve success, as

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