Public-Private Partnership to Help Translate Military Experience to IT Certifications

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    First lady Michelle Obama on Monday announced a public-private partnership designed to help military veterans gain the certifications for 12 IT careers.

    Too often, veterans have difficulty making the transition to civilian life because they can’t explain exactly how their military experience translates. Even with good resume writers – which most of us aren’t – employers are left to connect the dots, as headhunter Nick Corcodilos explained

    When you hand your resume to an employer, what you’re really saying is this: Here’s everything you need to know about me. My education, my credentials, my work history, my accomplishments, my skills. So go figure out what the heck to do with me!

    Veterans often have difficulty even putting a resume together. A Military Credentialing and Licensing Task Force was set up last June to help translate military experience to civilian-speak and to address gaps that would hamper veteran employment.

    For example, a fact sheet on the program explains, training for the Navy’s Information Technology and Information Technology Submarines occupations match up with the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Security+ certifications that are necessary for a variety of IT jobs.

    This program will offer service members an analysis of their skills as well as advice on earning civilian credentials beyond those required for their military job.

    The 12 careers on which the program focuses:

    • Computer user support specialist
    • Computer programmer
    • Network design and support specialist
    • Database administrator
    • Software developer
    • Computer systems analysis
    • Video game designer
    • IT project manager
    • Software quality assurance engineer
    • Network and computer systems administrator
    • IT security analyst
    • Mobile application developer 

    These careers are expected to have an average annual salary of more than $81,000.

    The partnership includes a consortium of tech companies, including Cisco, Microsoft, HP and others, as well as training and certification partners such as CompTIA, Global Knowledge and the SANS Institute.

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