Plan Your Career Path to Reach Your Dream Job

    When working in IT, as with any job, you most likely have an idea of where you want to be in a year or five years. But do you have a plan as to how you can get where you want to be?

    In IT, many roles and job titles stand between an administrator and a director or vice president. Sometimes, though, the job path between the two requires some lateral moves to gain experience and preparation for the future goal position.

    To figure out your career path, our IT Downloads section offers a sample IT Career Path Flow Chart. In the download, you will find a Word document with a tool to create your own career plan. It includes instructions and a sample chart showing one person’s proposed career path. Use the empty chart to fill in your current position, and then move upwards to your goal position. In between, you will find your logical path to your goal.

    No matter where your position lands in your organization, you can take the company organization chart and fill in the blocks relating to positions above you until you reach the goal position. Look it over and decide any horizontal or lateral moves you may need to make to reach the pinnacle within a few years. Make a print out or save it and revisit your chart each time you have a performance review or when a position becomes available. It will help you set reasonable goals toward fulfilling your dream job.

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