Offering Frequent Feedback Is Part of Being a Good Leader

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    Seven Leadership Skills CIOs Need to Drive Results

    CIOs must have the right leadership skills in place to deliver on today’s heightened expectations.

    The results are in — well, at least the results of a survey from staffing firm TEKsystems — and it turns out that IT staffs want more informal feedback from their employers. As our own Susan Hall pointed out, staffs don’t want to wait for the dreaded annual review to find out if they need to make improvements; rather, they want managers to offer them regular, constructive feedback to put into action right away.

    Face-to-face conversations, especially of the critical kind, can be uncomfortable. But offering good feedback, both positive and negative, is part of being a good leader to those in your organization.

    Build your own leadership skills with the help of these book excerpts from our IT Downloads library so that you can provide the kind of feedback your staff craves. In these excerpts, you’ll find advice for nurturing your team’s development goals, myths that impede organizational change, and the “unwritten rules” that will lead to career success for both you and your employees.

    ‘Accelerating Your Development as a Leader’ Excerpt: From this excerpt from Robert Barner’s book, managers get recommendations and tools they can use to help nurture team members’ career development goals and reduce the amount of time it takes to achieve those goals.

    ‘The Unwritten Rules’ Excerpt: Promotions are often on intuition about a candidate’s potential for high-level success. This book chapter explores the leadership criteria involved in these decisions by revealing the “unwritten rules” and examining the crucial factors for success in C-level roles.

    ‘Productive Workplaces’ Excerpt: After 50 years of consulting, managing and running a non-profit network, Marvin Weisbord summarizes 10 myths of organizational change that he used to believe.

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