Leadership, Teamwork, and Trust Excerpt

    ‘Leadership, Teamwork, and Trust’ Excerpt

    Authors Watts Humphrey and James Over explain concrete and necessary steps for reshaping the way in which software development is conducted to gain competitive advantage and realize remarkable returns.

    “Leadership, Teamwork, and Trust” discusses the critical importance of knowledge work to the success of modern organizations. It explains concrete and necessary steps for reshaping the way in which software development, specifically, is conducted. A sequel to Humphrey’s influential “Winning with Software,” this book presents new and copious data to reinforce his widely adopted methods for transforming knowledge work into a significant and sustainable competitive advantage, thereby realizing remarkable returns. Humphrey addresses here the broader business community-executives and senior managers who must recognize that today, every business is a software business.

    This excerpt is reprinted with permission from publisher Addison-Wesley Professional, Copyright 2011, Pearson Education, Inc. It comes from the first chapter, entitled “Building a Competitive Software Capability: Creative Destruction.” This book was authored by Watts Humphrey and James Over, ISBN 0321624505, December 2010.

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