Huddle Turns Collaboration Service into a Publishing Platform

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    Looking to combine the best attributes of an intranet with a modern collaboration service, Huddle today unveiled a publishing platform that gives IT organizations more control over how individual documents are published, shared and accessed.

    Andy McLoughlin, executive vice president of strategy for Huddle, says that the latest version of the Huddle platform essentially leverages the company’s cloud collaboration service to create a secure publishing platform, which provides IT organizations with the governance tools they need to leverage a cloud service for document publishing.

    Due out later this year, McLoughlin says this latest version of Huddle includes analytics tools that allow organizations to see whether documents are actually being accessed and by whom.

    Whether it involves an external service or an intranet, organizations today still struggle with the raft of documents they create that often go largely unused. McLoughlin says the analytics tools Huddle provides are designed to give organizations insight into document usage patterns that could be used to either improve the quality of those documents or provide the impetus to just delete them altogether.

    Most of the workflow in organizations both large and small revolves around document management. File transfer and synchronization via the cloud gave IT organizations a way to more efficiently share those documents with users that need to access files using a variety of devices. The next level is to turn that capability into a complete digital publishing platform that has the potential to profoundly enhance end-user productivity without compromising the security of the enterprise.

    Mike Vizard
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