Hot Job: Senior-Level Software Engineers with Big Data Experience

    Big Data promises to bring big changes to the way enterprises collect, store, analyze and use their data. From increased infrastructure to new marketing usage, Big Data will affect many areas of the company. So it’s no wonder that with all that looming on the horizon, hiring managers are scrambling to fill positions opened up by the latest big technology—including software engineering jobs.

    In the realm of Big Data, software engineers will be required to find ways to integrate the enormous amounts of data into programs that solve business challenges. If your company is looking to create a new division of software engineering just for Big Data, a good place to start is to hire a senior position to head up the team.

    In our IT Downloads area, you will find a ready-to-use job description for a Senior Software Engineer/Big Data. The description is useful for human resources departments and hiring managers when deciding the qualifications of a senior-level software developer in this area. The job description can be used as-is, or use the information included to spur your own company to create a job description for such a position.

    Our download includes candidate responsibilities including:

    • Designing and developing applications in Java/Scala
    • Working with project managers on a daily basis
    • Ensuring transition and stabilization with the service delivery team

    The list of qualifications includes previous experience with Hadoop/Storm, distributed systems and open source frameworks. Other technologies listed include Scala, Gradle and Github. Your company may use more or less of these, so be sure to update the description to fit your enterprise technology needs.

    Of course, a senior software engineer should be able to do more than just program. He or she would likely have a bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science or a technology-related field. A senior-level engineer must also have prior experience in the area of software, with multiple years put in on creating business programs. As well, the qualified candidate should be able to communicate well both verbally and in written documents. Having lots of experience working in and leading teams would also be a vital requirement.

    Preferred qualifications are also listed in this download, such as multiple years of experience designing and developing highly integrated systems on multiple development platforms. Strong understanding and use of Java with open source technologies, experience with distributed fault tolerant systems, and proficiency with data programs like Matlab are also preferable, but your company may need to include its own list of preferences.

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