Getting Real About Project Management Software Presentation

    Getting Real About Project Management Software Presentation

    Project management software has become extremely sophisticated, but even the best automated systems can do only so much. This presentation outlines several key areas where a human project manager simply cannot be replaced.

    Project management software, such as MS Project, has evolved to the point it can seamlessly track interdependencies and automatically fire off status reports and red flags on the initiative’s progress. But no matter how smart the software gets, it can’t replace the judgment and intuition of a good project manager.

    This PowerPoint presentation runs through some of the key issues and misconceptions about how heavily you can rely on project management software. One key point: Don’t expect even the most sophisticated automation package to noticeably cut back on the need for PM staffing – you may even end up adding staff in very large organizations just to support the tracking application.

    Included in this zip file are:

    • Getting_Real_About_Project_Management_Software.ppt
    • Getting_Real_About_Project_Management_Software.odp
    • Intro Doc.pdf
    • Terms and Conditions.pdf

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