Gartner to Increase Legal IT Research

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    Technology Strategy No Longer Just an IT Responsibility

    Legal firms looking for assistance in navigating the complications of technology, as it facilitates and affects their work, may find what they need in increased analysis and research in legal IT from Gartner Research, according to

    Gartner’s legal IT research group will release its first e-discovery Magic Quadrant in summer 2014, along with a second Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Legal Management. In February, Gartner published “IT Planning Guidance for Legal Professionals: The Gartner Legal IT 2020 Scenario,” laying the groundwork for its ramp-up to a new focus on IT executives and professionals working within the legal industry. Far-reaching predictions from the report include:

    • By 2020, 75 percent of U.S. and UK corporations will use legal process outsourcing (LPO).
    • By 2019, 75 percent of corporate legal and IT departments will have shared staff.
    • By 2018, legal IT courses will be required for the graduates of at least 20 U.S. Tier 1 and Tier 2 law schools.

      Gartner’s French Caldwell, a VP who leads the research firm’s risk, compliance and governance research team, told that Gartner is “improving our coverage of the space because we see legal IT as one of the next big marketplaces that, to date, has been underserved by the IT industry.”

      Gartner’s summer 2014 Hype Cycle research release will include work on predictive coding, compliance and information governance that will be relevant to legal IT, as well.

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