Don’t Make Data Quality an Afterthought

    Data quality checks need to become a routine for your team, according to a recent post by our own Loraine Lawson. And by routine, she doesn’t mean once a month or once a year; rather, to see any kind of real payoff, it needs to be done on a daily or weekly basis.

    But, as she pointed out, data quality and data governance can be a tough task to incorporate into an already-busy schedule. For that reason, you have to get everyone on board with implementing a data quality and governance plan, including those on the business side of things. If they don’t see the importance of maintaining data, you’ll never see it incorporated.

    To help hard-wire a data quality routine into your team’s brains, be sure to check out the following IT Downloads resources. Each tool focuses on a different aspect of the data quality/governance process, from building a culture that accepts data governance policies, to examining the data you do have and finding ways to improve it so that it will be of value.

    ‘Nuts & Bolts: The Mechanics of Data Governance’ Excerpt: Baseline Consulting experts Kimberly Nevala and Stephen Putman present an entertaining business “parable” about the successes and failures of four employees of the fictional SpectraDynamo company as they struggle to bring data governance policies to their corporate culture.

    Take Stock of Existing Data Inventory Tool: Before you get your data under control, you must first clearly understand where your company’s vital information lives and how it currently is managed. This Excel-based tool will help you evaluate your data inventory and give you recommendations on how to improve it.

    Data Quality Health Check Tool: Does your data suffer from common hygiene problems, such as duplication, invalid formats and just being out-of-date? This Excel-based tool will help you evaluate the quality of your data and give you recommendations for areas of improvement.

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