CMMI for Acquisition Excerpt

    ‘CMMI for Acquisition’ Excerpt

    This excerpt from “CMMI for Acquisitions: Guidelines for Improving the Acquisition of Products and Services” provides background on the CMMI-ACQ model, which organizations can use to improve the process of acquiring products and services from suppliers.

    CMMI for Acquisition (CMMI-ACQ) describes best practices for the successful acquisition of products and services. Providing a practical framework for improving acquisition processes, CMMI-ACQ addresses the growing trend in business and government for organizations to purchase or outsource required products and services as an alternative to in-house development or resource allocation. Changes in CMMI-ACQ Version 1.3 include improvements to high maturity process areas, improvements to the model architecture to simplify use of multiple models and added guidance about using preferred suppliers.

    The second edition of “CMMI for Acquisition: Guidelines for Improving the Acquisition of Products and Services” is the definitive reference for CMMI-ACQ Version 1.3. In addition to the entire revised CMMI-ACQ model, the book includes updated tips, hints, cross-references and other author notes to help you understand, apply and quickly find information about the content of the acquisition process areas. The book now includes more than a dozen contributed essays to help guide the adoption and use of CMMI-ACQ in industry and government. Whether you are new to CMMI models or are already familiar with one or more of them, you will find this book an essential resource for managing your acquisition processes and improving your overall performance.

    This excerpt is from Chapter One of “CMMI for Acquisition: Guidelines for Improving the Acquisition of Products and Services,” Second Edition, by Brian Gallagher, Mike Phillips, Karen Richter and Sandra Shrum. The book was published by Pearson/Addison-Wesley Professional, March 2011, Copyright 2011 by Pearson Education. For further info please visit the publisher site:

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