Citrix Creates Virtual WAN Platform

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    In a move to extend the capabilities of its CloudBridge WAN optimization platform, Citrix today announced that it can now provide IT organizations a way to create virtual WANs that span multiple types of networks.

    With most organizations today trying to optimize the flow of traffic across everything from HTTP to MPLS leased lines, Chalan Aras, vice president and general manager for the CloudBridge product group at Citrix, says that CloudBridge Virtual WAN Edition makes it possible to dynamically mix and match WAN connections based on availability, criticality of the application workload, and the cost of the network service.

    Aras says that as it’s deployed on an appliance inside the data center, the CloudBridge Virtual WAN Edition makes use of a policy engine to give IT organizations more granular control of the overall WAN environment. In fact, Aras says via CloudBridge Virtual WAN Edition, IT organizations can make changes to WAN connections in milliseconds without worrying about any packets being dropped.

    In the age of the cloud, there is no doubt that WANs have not only become more important, they’ve also become more challenging to manage. The multiple types of WAN connections a company can put in place today is a complex undertaking for even the most sophisticated of IT organizations. The issue is that having to manage multiple WAN connections across many instances of cloud applications creates dependency on WAN services for cloud apps, and they continue to grow more numerous with each passing day.

    The WAN is now the biggest I/O bottleneck in the enterprise. On the plus side, though, managing all those WAN connections is finally becoming more automated.

    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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