Big Data Startups Duke It Out for Top Ranking

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    The Benefits of Big Data Hindered by Traditional Analytic Approaches recently published the final ranking of its top 10 Big Data startups.

    As you might guess from the phrase “final ranking,” used a pretty complicated process to get the list of nominations down to the top 10. You can read about it in their article, “10 Hot Big Data Startups to Watch,” but in short, the final rankings came down to which startups had “big name end users, VC funding, the pedigree of the management team, marketing position,” and a large portion of the 4,000 votes.

    I’m not sure anyone cares about the details of who ranked where throughout the entire process, but it’s worth noting that the rankings did change between the first and the final round. For instance, in the first round, Cloudant ranked first, SiSense a close second and SumAll, third. Cloudant held first for round two, but Cloudera took second with LucidWorks taking third.

    The final rankings:

    1. ParStream
    2. MapR Technologies
    3. Cloudera
    4. ScaleArc
    5. LucidWorks
    6. SiSense
    7. Cloudant
    8. Skytree
    9. SumAll
    10. XPlenty

    What may be more interesting to some of you is the full list of Big Data startup submissions — all 42 of them. It includes a very simple explanation of what they do and what tech journalist Jeff Vance likes about each. 

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    It’s all cloud-based, of course.

    Upcoming Webinars

    Cloud-based data is a resource that companies are starting to explore, and it’s driving an interest in a new approach to business intelligence: analytics as a service. This week, there are two opportunities to learn about both cloud-based data and analytics delivered as a service:

    Growing new revenue streams by externalizing your data,” Tuesday, July 23, at 10 a.m. PT. This panel discussion, lead by GigaOM Research Director Jo Maitland, focuses on delivering analytics-as-a-service. The panel will share real-world examples, look ahead to the next few years and examine the issues you should consider when externalizing your data. The event is free, but you’ll need to register.

    “Bridging the Gap: Analyzing Data in and Below the Cloud,” Tuesday, July 23 at 4 p.m. ET. This Briefing Room webcast will focus on accessing data in the cloud. The founder and president of Abbott Analytics, Dean Abbott, will explain how this data can add business value to enterprise analytics. Ellie Fields of Tableau Software also will demo Tableau’s latest release, which includes a number of new out-of-the-box integration connectors. You can find a link to the registration page on the Briefing Room’s list of upcoming events.

    Loraine Lawson
    Loraine Lawson
    Loraine Lawson is a freelance writer specializing in technology and business issues, including integration, health care IT, cloud and Big Data.

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