BeyondCore Uncovers Big Data Patterns and Anomalies

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    Four Steps to Ensure Your Big Data Investment Pays Off

    One of the attributes of most advanced analytics applications is that they assume the organization or person invoking them actually knows which questions are worth asking. Most organizations, however, are still trying to figure out the questions they should be asking.

    With that goal in mind, BeyondCore has made available a production release of BeyondCore V, an analytics application that is designed to discover patterns in data in minutes using new data visualization tools.

    BeyondCore CEO Arijit Sengupta says while analytics applications can be helpful, most organizations need help framing the question to ask. The end result is major investments in hiring everybody from SQL programmers to data scientists.

    Rather than forming a hypothesis based on a guess, Sengupta says BeyondCore V allows organizations to continuously compare and contrast data as it becomes available to identify patterns and anomalies. Armed with that information, Sengupta says end users can then visualize that data in a way that no longer requires them to master statistics to derive value from an analytics application.


    Sengupta notes that many organizations are pouring resources into hiring data scientists in the hopes that they can structure their data in a way that makes it actionable. Sengupta says BeyondCore V essentially removes the need for the function by allowing end users to visually drill down into data without having to know SQL or any other programming language.

    For a lot of companies, the return on investment in Big Data is still pretty much an article of faith rather than fact. But no matter how you view Big Data, it’s clearly intended to be a means to a larger end, which for most organizations will come down to nothing less than an ability to make better business decisions that much faster.

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