AeroFS Replaces Exchange Email Attachments with Links to Files

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    The Real Costs Associated with Email-Based Support

    One of IT’s biggest headaches is the abundance of email with files attached. Not only do these files wind up consuming massive amounts of storage; they adversely impact everything from network bandwidth utilization to IT security.

    As a provider of file synchronization and share software deployed on premise, AeroFS has a lot of first-hand experience with the nature of those files. Now AeroFS is making it possible to eliminate the need to attach files to email in the first place.

    AeroFS CEO Yuri Sagalov says a new AeroFS Attachment Manager for Microsoft Exchange tool is being added free of charge to the company’s file transfer and synchronization software that automatically replaces all those attachments with links that end users can click on to access a file. Rather than sending around hundreds of copies of the same file, organizations can now use standard email to exchange files without ever having to specifically use the email system.

    Sagalov says AeroFS Attachment Manager not only reduces the total cost of storing files inside an organization, it provides a mechanism through which governance over all those files can be more easily maintained. In addition, Sagalov notes that it becomes feasible to overcome multi-gigabyte file limitations in Exchange using links within an email because the file itself is never actually sent via the Microsoft Exchange server.


    The difference between the AeroFS approach and previous attempts to limit attachments to files is that AeroFS Attachment Manager connects directly to Microsoft Exchange on the server versus requiring IT organizations to plug in software on every Microsoft Outlook email client.

    IT organizations are always looking for ways to rein in both the size of email in-boxes and the number of files that are being transferred using shadow IT services. With AeroFS, they now appear to have a way to kill both proverbial birds with the same stone.

    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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