Active Risk Expands ARM 6

    We’ve looked at risk management challenges from the point of view of executives, project managers and team members, and line-of-business staff in this blog. While a cross-functional approach is necessary, even that can become unnecessarily complicated, or worse, ineffective, if one functional group’s informational needs aren’t fully addressed, or if new info silos emerge.

    At the enterprise level, risk management software can only fulfill its mission of clarity, risk mitigation and increased production and revenues if it first eliminates 1) the informational silos, 2) lack of visibility into data for multiple functional groups, and 3) excessive IT department involvement in report building and delivery.

    With the theme of “simple, valuable and personal,” Active Risk has launched its Active Risk Manager 6 (ARM 6) product. Executives, IT managers, project managers, risk management professionals and staff will find these additions of interest:

    • ARM Core — enhanced globalization features, including multi-currency and multi-language enablement, and deeper project management integration
    • ARM Risk Connectivity — the unique ability to identify hidden “catalyst risks,” which can have major cross-functional impacts
    • ARM Risk Performance Manager (RPM) — the fastest way to create personalized, graphically rich reports and dashboards, without the need for IT resources
    • ARM Apps — easy-to-use apps for risk and incident management designed specifically for front-line employees
    • ARM Unplugged — a simple, offline risk application with synchronization to ARM’s corporate risk register eliminating disconnected spreadsheets


    Figure 1: ARM Risk Connectivity exposes risk clusters and the strength of the connections so that you can develop a shared treatment plan to cost-effectively reduce the overall risk level.

    ARM 6 integrates with Oracle and SAP ERP systems, Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera and SharePoint, among others. Standards supported include PMBOK, ISO 31000, COSO, FERMA and custom requirements.


    Figure 2: ARM Risk Performance Manager gives you complete visibility of all risks and opportunity information through easy to personalize dashboards and reports.

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