Look to Agile Development to Stay Competitive in 2013

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    Top Missteps of Newly Agile Enterprises

    The year is coming to a close, and with it come all of the forecasts for 2013. Global IT services provider Icreon Tech is seeing agile on the radar again, with companies turning to “agile-ish” development because it requires less support from the client. Cyrus Innovation echoes that notion and is already seeing software companies turning to agile development practices to stay competitive. In a slideshow here on IT Business Edge, the company even lays out reasons for why the benefits of agile outweigh the cost of implementing it.

    If you’re looking to implement agile development in your organization, or have already implemented it, but are looking for a more structured approach to managing the process, you’ve come to the right place. Here in the IT Downloads library, you’ll find a large swath of agile-related tools and book excerpts. Below are just a few to help you get your agile project up and running.

    ‘Do It Yourself Agile’ Excerpt: Defining agile development is tough – after all, the whole approach is about not getting hung up on project management dogma and focusing on customer needs. This book chapter covers the key concepts of agile.

    Agile Glossary: Don’t know what a Scrum Master does? AccuRev’s Agile Glossary defines over 70 commonly used terms and phrases related to agile software development processes.

    ‘Essential Skills for the Agile Developer’ Excerpt: How are developers supposed to walk the line between detailed planning that often involves adding code to account for situations that may never arise, or coding with little to no planning, hoping for the best? Adhering to the mantra described in this excerpt is one way to get closer to the ideal design, keep code easy and safe to change, and avoid unnecessary work.

    Agile Software Development Process Guide: “Agile” development shouldn’t mean chaotic development. This collection of checklists and templates will help educate your business about the principles of agile and ensure that development is monitored and managed.

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