Teradata Launches Borderless Analytics Initiative

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    At a Teradata Partners 2016 conference today, Teradata announced that it is not only making its database available on both public and private clouds, IT organizations for the first time will be able to launch queries against those databases as if they were one logical entity.

    Via a Borderless Analytics initiative, Teradata is extending the reach of Teradata QueryGrid and Teradata Unity to make it possible to create queries that can be launched across up to 32 logical Teradata nodes that IT organizations can also from a management perspective orchestrate, according to Imad Birouty, director of Teradata product marketing.

    Meanwhile, via a complementary Teradata Everywhere initiative also announced today, those instances of Teradata can now run on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure public clouds in addition to clouds managed by Teradata. Teradata databases can also be deployed on top of VMware or using the Teradata IntelliFlex platform that IT organizations can deploy themselves.

    A Teradata Adaptive Optimizer also automatically adjusts to whatever host environment is being employed, while a MAPS feature makes it simpler to balance data distribution across geographically distributed databases to help ensure high availability.


    Birouty says that as cloud computing continues to evolve, from a programming perspective where any given database is located is going to be less relevant.

    “A lot of programmers may not even know where the database is,” says Birouty.

    Arguably, over time the actual data repository being employed will also become less relevant. IT organizations will be employing a mix of database types to drive advanced analytics applications. The challenge now will be figuring out how that capability is going to be actually employed to create analytics applications that previously would have been too complex for most IT organizations to consider building.





    Mike Vizard
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