Quest Software Expands Database Reach

    As the number and type of databases that IT organizations need to support inside and out of the cloud continues to proliferate, IT organizations need to find a means to bring some order to the chaos. To address that challenge, Quest Software has added an ability to replicate data between Oracle databases running on premise and on Amazon Web Service and the Microsoft Azure clouds.

    At the same time, Quest announced it is adding support for the implementation of the open source Postgres database provided by EnterpriseDB that is compatible with Oracle applications to its Toad suite of tools for managing distributed databases.

    The replication capability between Oracle databases is being provided via a separate update to a suite of SharePlex tools that Quest previously developed. Greg Davoll, executive director of product management and marketing at Quest, says that as multi-cloud computing environments become more common, IT organizations are challenged with not only managing multiple types of databases, but also moving data between them when necessary.

    “A DBA (database administrator) needs to be able to support databases running on premise or in the cloud,” says Davoll. “Things are a lot more complex.”


    Most databases vendors, adds Davoll, are focused on building their own tools and cloud platforms. But it’s become apparent that there is a greater need for a common set of tools capable of supporting everything from Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL and Postgres, says Davoll.

    There’s no getting away from the fact that there’s more diversity when it comes to databases than ever. But it doesn’t necessarily follow that IT organizations need to master every tool that comes with a particular database when there’s an option to apply one set of tools to rule them all.

    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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