DBmaestro Opens Relational Database Change Management API

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    As a provider of change management system relational databases, DBmaestro has witnessed how much agile development methodologies have changed the cadence of the application release cycle across the enterprise. Now DBmaestro wants to help accelerate that process by making available an open set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that make it simpler to plug its database change management software into any application release or continuous delivery system an enterprise IT organization cares to employ.

    DBmaestro CTO Yaniv Yehuda says that for all the packaged versions of DevOps tools available, the majority of IT organizations are still working with a home-grown system that they have cobbled together over the years. The DBmaesto Open API Platform is designed to expose everything from RESTful APIs to traditional Web services protocols to make it simpler to plug DBmaestro into those environments, says Yehuda.

    DBmaestro provides version control via the check-in/check-out of database objects for all the major relational databases. Those database schema objects are locked in read-only mode until a developer actually checks-out an object and then makes a change to it. Rather than have a separate database change management function for each relational database, DBmaestro makes it simpler to manage that process across a heterogeneous relational database environment, says Yehuda.


    But database change management is only one piece of the DevOps puzzle. Inside most organizations, DevOps is made up of a collection of processes surrounding everything from application release management to capacity management. This means the products that most IT organizations are going to want to use to manage that process almost by definition need to have open APIs.

    That idea might not make every vendor that participates in this category comfortable. But given the fact that most IT organizations have no idea what tomorrow will bring in terms of DevOps requirements, there’s no getting around it.

    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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