Top Email Management Pain Points

    Sonian, a pioneer in cloud-powered email archiving, conducted a survey focused on business and technical email management challenges. Based on responses from 377 IT professionals in industries including retail, wholesale and technology, the survey found numerous data retention and retrieval challenges and opportunities in today’s business environment.

    Findings from Sonian’s survey highlight information discovery challenges.  As the volume of email communications and other business-critical information continues to grow, cloud archiving becomes an increasingly popular management method.

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    Cloud archiving

    IT professionals struggle with information discovery. As data explosion continues, information management challenges will increase. Nearly a quarter (24 percent) of respondents indicated they plan to roll out a cloud-based project within the next year. This percentage is likely to increase based on the amount of information produced daily.  

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    Retrieving email

    More than a third of respondents admitted it’s hard to retrieve lost or deleted emails. Considering how much time and money is spent trying to recover messages, this number is somewhat alarming. Most companies can’t afford to lose hours, days or even weeks recovering data, especially when trying to comply with data retention regulations or discovery requests.

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    Intellectual property

    Seventy-five percent of respondents acknowledged their email contains valuable intellectual property. Potential data breaches are a constant risk. Companies must safeguard their intellectual property and other critical data found in emails and file attachments. Many implement cloud-based archiving that scales with data and retention demands.

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    Overtaxed Exchange servers

    Optimizing server performance and ensuring email server resources are not overburdened are ongoing challenges. Almost a quarter of respondents (24 percent) replied that their Exchange servers are overtaxed. To eliminate these issues, companies turn to cloud-based email archiving solutions that meet data requirements.

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    Challenges of email storage

    All professionals need simple and quick access to past information. Forty-five percent of respondents admit email storage is an ongoing challenge. They are looking to solve the email retention, files, documents and general enterprise data problems for compliant search and retrieval, known as eDiscovery.

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